The Studio Owner


New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Ting Yi McCluskey

After working with the movie director Mr. Lin Binchun in 2001 she began to develop business in LA and would shuttle between Taiwan, China, and the US. Her desire to travel and her need to experience different lifestyles and human cultures led her to accumulate ideas and sensitivity from which to shoot.Playing with her Fathers’ Leica cameras inspired Ting-Yi at an early age to observe the outside world through a view-port and catch hold of dramatic moments. After graduating from the Fuxin Arts School in Taipei, Taiwan she began

photographing models and artists through the Weichi Model-brokerage Company. In 1994 she established the Feiwin Photo Studio. She followed that by establishing the Taizhou Lemon-tree Photo Studio in 1996, which focused on taking nude portraits. By 1997 she began her wedding photography career, working as a senior photographer for several large wedding companies.

In 2006, she was married to Patrick McCluskey, settled in the United States, and began running dp Studio Ting Yi photo & video. Patrick McCluskey graduated Virginia Commonwealth University in 1990. He studied architecture, stage design, film and acting. He joined Kadan Productions in 1996 and has production managed100’s of high-end fashion shows, private events, and designs for shows in New York City.

In 2009, Patrick McCluskey was starting to lead dp studio’s cinematography team. With his acting and art background, and Ting Yi’s creative eye, they started filming and training their videographers to film in a creative cinematic style. They continue to strive for a photographic and cinematic style that create the perfect match.